Decompressive cervical laminectomy and lateral mass screw-rod arthrodesis: Surgical analysis and outcome

H.M.ELNemr, N.M.Sayed, W.B.Sharshera, M.A.ELAwady and M.M.ELMaghrabi"


Posterior plating utilizing lateral mass screw fixation has been widely accepted for treating the unstable cervical spine caused by trauma, neoplasms, significant degenerative conditions, and failed anterior fusions. The aim of this study is to evaluate the outcome and complications of decompressive cervical laminectomy and lateral mass screw fixation in patients treated for variable cervical spine pathologies. This retrospective study was conducted on patients with unstable cervical spine in the period of two years. Patients were admitted also worked upon in the section from claiming Neurosurgery, over Banha college healing centers from October 2015 to October 2017 What's more emulated dependent upon for 12 will 18 months after the fact. Postoperatively, patient's myelopathy evaluation and practical status might have been assessed promptly then afterward operation At that point weekly for those 1st month At that point each 3 months for the 1st quite a while Furthermore each six months in the second quite a while. Assessment of the postoperative myelopathy might have been conveyed crazy instantly postoperatively What's more throughout six months utilizing Nurick's myelopathy evaluating Also neck handicap scale. Factual Investigation uncovered that there will be a noteworthy expand of situations from claiming review 1 post-operatively over the individuals pre-operatively Also a diminishing Previously, both amount from claiming situations from claiming review 2 What's more evaluation 4 post-operatively over pre-operatively. Same time other evaluations didn't demonstrate any huge transform over their figures post-operatively contrasted with their figures pre-operatively.

Key words

Lateral mass, Cervical laminectomy, Myelopathy, Brachialgia.