Lidocaine for Pain Control during Intrauterine Device Insertion

M.A.Fatah, M.A.Farag, T.M.Assar and K.H.Nada"


Long-acting reversible contraception methods, such as intrauterine devices (IUDs), are associated with high effectiveness in preventing unintended pregnancies, and thereby their significant health and economic consequences. IUCD insertion is generally associated with fear, which may decrease its acceptability, and anticipated pain or discomfort at the time of insertion could be a major barrier to the acceptance of IUCDs among both clients and healthcare providers. IUCD. Insertion pain may be felt during various stages of the procedure, including the vaginal examination, placement of the speculum, tenaculum use, and traction of the uterus, hysterometry and insertion of the IUCD. On assess the viability of lidocain former will iud insertion clinched alongside lessening torment contrasted with placebo. This will be An randomized control study; toward gynecology outpatient facility in Benha college healing facility Also Berket elsabee doctor's facility from january should june 2018. Partitioned under two aggregations; bunch A: ponder gathering of 75 cases, utilization lidocaine spread. Aggregation B: control assembly for 75 cases, utilization saline spread. Examination of Information uncovered that lidocaine spread requisition of the cervix Throughout IUCD insertion adequately diminished ache felt Throughout the the sum phases of the procedure Furthermore agony felt 5 minutes then afterward the entire methodology. There might have been secondary huge distinction the middle of lidocaine aggregation What's more control assembly viewing agony score Throughout tenaculum placement 1. 82±0. 84Vs4. 10±1. 00, heartless insertion, 1. 32±0. 87 vs 2. 49±1. 13, iud insertion, 0. 85±0. 80 vs1. 36±1. 05 Furthermore five minutes’ post insertion 0. 53±0. 77vs0. 78±0. 77. They were the greater part more level On lignocaine assembly over control bunch (P worth 0. 001). Our examine showed that nearby lidocaine spread is compelling for control for ache connected with IUCD insertion when compared placebo aggregation.

Key words

contraception, hysterometry, IUCD, lidocain, pregnancies and vaginal