Evaluation of Serum Apelin-13 in Psoriasis Vulgaris Patients

S.M.Abdalhady1, EM.Akl1, N.A.Abdalhafeez2 and S.M.Nageeb1"


Psoriasis is a chronic, T-cell mediated inflammatory skin disease with multifactorial etiology. Recent studies support the relation of psoriasis with obesity. Apelin-13 is a novel adipokine that is secreted from white adipose tissue and plays a role in T-cell immunity. In this study, it was aimed to investigate potential relationship between apelin-13 and psoriasis. Serum apelin-13 was measured in 60 patients with moderate to severe psoriasis vulgaris and 30 healthy controls using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Serum levels for apelin13 clinched alongside patients with psoriasis vulgaris might have been discovered on make higher over On solid controls (P <0. 001). There might have been An huge sure connection the middle of serum apelin13 Also seriousness of the ailment (P =0. 02) What's more BMI (P =<0. 001). This information include novel parts of the part of serum apelin13 in the pathophysiology about psoriasis vulgaris patients.

Key words

Psoriasis vulgaris, Apelin-13.