Evaluation of Supra-Orbital Approach through Eyebrow Incision for Treating Tumors in Anterior Cranial Fossa and Supra-sellar Region

A.K.Ali1,W.A.Badawy, M.M.Adawy, M.A.El awady and B.M.Mahmoud"


This technique is suitable to lesions situated in the region of the anterior fossa, suprasellar cisterns, parasellar region and Sylvian fissure. Should assess the supra-orbital approach through eyebrow entry point to surgical extraction from claiming tumors to foremost cranial fossa What's more supra-sellar area. A 50 mm entry point in the eyebrow What's more a supraorbital minicraniotomy will be performed. 20 patients harboring separate lesions were worked around for beneficial postoperative Furthermore cosmea outcomes. We infer that thisapproach is safe Furthermore advantageous in chose cases. 20 patients harboringdifferent lesions were worked looking into with useful postoperative Furthermore cosmea effects. We infer that thisapproach will be protected What's more advantageous in chose cases.

Key words

Anterior skull base, Eyebrow incision, Minimally invasive surgicalapproach, Sellar Region.