Postoperative Analgesia in Pediatric after below Umbilicus Surgery

E.F.Makram, I.E.Mostafa and I.M.AbdElfattah"


Acute pain is one of the most common adverse stimuli experienced by pediatric population as a result of surgery. Children continue to experience moderate to severe unrelieved pain postoperatively despite the evidence to guide practice being readily available. Although the spectrum of options for effective perioperative pain management in children ranges from simple oral medication to invasive epidural, it is sad to observe that there is a wide incongruity between available technology and clinical practice. Pain is a complex phenomenon that is not well understood. There are several misconceptions relating to the physiology of pain in children. Pain should be assessed regularly to detect for the presence of pain and to evaluate the effectiveness of treatments. There need aid An number from claiming non-drug systems that might a chance to be used to mitigate children‘s torment. Social insurance professionals, need on assess their ache oversaw economy hones Concerning illustration a few investigations bring suggester non-drug routines would not routinely utilized. In this audit article we will examine the postoperative ache clinched alongside pediatric, routines about evaluation from claiming agony for pediatric and assess those part of ultrasonography done administration of torment.

Key words

Postoperative, Analgesia, pediatric, Umbilicus surgery.