Aspiration Versus Incision and Drainage in the Treatment of Acute Suppurative Breast Abscess

EL.A. Ghoneim, E.M.Abd-Elhafez, M.S.Kharoub and M.A.Abo Zeed"


Breast abscess is a common cause of morbidity in women. While they are less common in developed countries as a result of improved maternal hygiene, nutrition, standard of living and early administration of antibiotics, breast abscess remain a problem among women in developing countries. This thesis is aiming to show the efficacy of aspiration in the treatment of acute suppurative breast abscess in comparison with traditional methods of incision and drainage. This current study involved fifty patients who were complaining of acute suppurative breast abscesses attending the medical care in Benha University Hospital and Samanud General Hospital. The observation of our study shows that needle aspiration of the abscess with ultrasonographic guidance combined with antibiotics has a great value in the treatment of breast abscess even in abscess with large volume; although repeated aspiration are needed to obtain complete resolution, this therapy is a well-accepted alternative to surgical treatment. Aspiration of the breast abscess through a wide bore cannula is thus a feasible and easy procedure, but may require multiple aspirations for cure. It does not require any mode of anesthesia and can be done on out-patient department basis. Breast abscess in selected group of patients with diameter of less than 4 cm can be treated by aspiration successfully and with a good cosmetic outcome. Aspiration of the breast abscess can be successfully done as initial mode of management in the treatment, but incision and drainage remains the final resort for cure.

Key words

Abscess, Breast, Hygiene, Maternal, Morbidity and Supperative.