Female Sexual Function and Dysfunction after Hysterectomy

S.H.Abdel-Rahman1, R.M.SALEM1, A.W.ANWAR2 and N.S.Mostafa3"


Hysterectomy remains those mossycup oak regular real gynecological surgery. Postoperative sexual work is An worry for a lot of people ladies What's more their accomplices. Might have been should survey those effect for hysterectomy on the qualities, and sexuality of the patients. The members were recruited starting with Gynecology What's more obstetric crazy tolerant facility clinched alongside Benha school clinic. Those consider incorporated hitched female patients undergone hysterectomy. There might have been An Exceptionally noteworthy diminishment in the Generally speaking sexual fulfillment after hysterectomy (p < 0. 001). Hysterectomy debilitates those sexual term in the ladies. These ladies have a greater amount thoughtfulness regarding those mental and sexual outcome about this significant surgical operation.

Key words

Female Sexual Function