Relationship of Age, Body Mass Index and Wrist Circumference to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Severity

K.S.Moselhy, S.M.kasem, I.A.Abd-Elrasol and M.F.Mahmoud"


Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) may be a restorative condition because of layering of the average nerve Likewise it goes through those wrist toward those carpal tunnel. The principle indications are pain, deadness Also shivering in the thumb, list finger, center finger and the thumb side of the ring fingers. An examination of the association the middle of those CTS seriousness assessed Toward electrophysiological estimations clinched alongside patients with clinical CTS Also age, gender, BMI, hand wrist circumduction need been meant. An cross sectional consider including 60 patients recruited starting with el Sahel educating help doctor's facility Also neurology Branch On Banha college healing facilities Possibly inpatient alternately outpatient facility. We demonstrate a connection between Age, form impostor Index, Wrist perimeter to carpal tunnel syndrome seriousness. There are statistically critical An connection the middle of Age, form impostor Index, Wrist perimeter will carpal tunnel syndrome seriousness. Anyhow no statistically noteworthy An connection the middle of sex What's more side with carpal tunnel syndrome seriousness.

Key words

Age, Body Mass Index, CTS and Wrist.