Radial Head Prothesis Versus Internal Fixation In Treatment of Comminuted Fracture Head Radius in Adults

M.G.Al Ashhab, M.G.Montaser, A.I.Bakr, M.I.Mustafa and M.I.El Badawy"


Spiral mind fractures are those the vast majority as a relatable point of the elbow fractures, (about 33% for elbow fractures) the range about spiral leader damages ranges starting with basic undisplaced fractures on comminuted fractures connected with other bony or ligamentous wounds. The vicinity about displaced alternately comminuted fractures ought to caution those specialist of the plausibility from claiming an copartnered ligamentous alternately hard damage. Those mossycup oak regular cohorted damages influence the coronoid, proximal ulna, those average Also parallel guarantee ligaments and the longitudinal radio ulna interosseous ligament. The point of this prospective examine might have been should assess the clinical Conclusion about cemented spiral leader prosthesis versus interior obsession for medication about comminuted crack of head span clinched alongside Grown-ups. This examine might have been directed starting with january 2016 on admirable 2019 including thirty grown-up patients for comminuted crack leader span (Mason iii -IV) Previously, Benha college healing facility What's more Jahraa healing center. Fifteen patients were dealt with Eventually Tom's perusing cemented spiral leader prosthesis (group An) Furthermore fifteen patients Toward interior obsession utilizing plates Also screws or screws (group B). As stated by Broberg and Morrey scores in assembly a (radial head prosthesis) for 15 instances we found phenomenal bring about 5 cases, useful bring about 9 cases, reasonable bring about person case, poor bring about 0 instance. In aggregation b ( open diminishment Furthermore inside fixation) for 15 cases we found phenomenal bring about 2 cases, handy bring about 10 cases, reasonable bring about 3 cases, poor bring about 0 instance. We infer that bond undifferentiated Furthermore spiral head prosthesis supplanting will be superior to ORIF over medicine of masochistic kind iii and sort iv spiral head crack. The crack pieces passing blood supply Furthermore would at risk to corruption. Prosthesis reinstatement might exceptional restore the stability, flexion and development of the elbow, and the rotational movement of the lower arm.

Key words

Mason III -IV, Radial head fractures, Fixation, ORIF.