Pedicle Subtraction Osteotomy in the Treatment of the Lumbar Spine Deformities

M.E.Abdelnaby, A.I.Bakr, M.A.Mohammed and A.D.Elsayed"


Symptomatic altered sagittal disfigurement will be common clinched alongside grown-up patients introducing should spine surgeons. Settled sagittal lopsidedness camwood a chance to be characterized as a syndrome to which those tolerant will be unabated with remained erect without flexing the knees Also hips. Around a long-cassette parallel radiograph, this abnormality is normally watched Likewise An plumb transport from C7 that falls great in front of the L5-S1 circle. Settled sagittal lopsidedness ordinarily comes about starting with iatrogenic makes for example, hypolordotic fusions, pseudarthrosis , postlaminectomy, alternately kyphosis, What's more it might additionally come about starting with trauma, intrinsic abnormalities, or malady states (e. G. , ankylosing spondylitis) bring long combined regions about their spine that restrain their capability should adjust to their disfigurement through neck positioning Furthermore pelvic angulation. Pedicle subtraction osteotomies (PSOs) need been utilized within those medicine for various spinal states directing, including an altered sagittal imbalance, for example, such that degenerative scoliosis, idiopathic infection scoliosis, post-traumatic deformities, iatrogenic flatback syndrome, Furthermore ankylosing spondylitis. Those perfect gas implication for An straightforward PSO will be a immaculate sagittal imbalance, to a tolerant with a firm spine because of ankylosing spondylitis, postoperative level back, posttraumatic kyphosis, or immaculate arthrosis. Lumbar PSO may be shown in the medication about sagittal or sagittal Also coronal disfigurement of the spine over vicinity of hypolordosis, spine firmness and when the measure about essential revision of bring down appendage will be huge.

Key words

Lumbar spine, Osteotomy, Lordosis, Pedicle subtraction osteotomy, Spine surgery.