Assessment of Geological Structure in Nafoora Oil Field, Sirt Basin, Libya

M.A.El Amowy1, M.M.Afife1, A.M.El Kowefi2, A.M.Chahlol3 and A.M.Mussa1"


The Nafoora oilfield is situated on a major tectonic uplift in the Eastern Sirte Basin, the Amal-Nafoora High. Four oilfields have been discovered on this uplift – Amal, Rakb, Augila, and Naffora. The Nafoora oilfield was surveyed by AGOCO company as a 2D seismic Survey in directional groups. this study used 35 seismic lines in different directions with 6 wells. The methodology used in this study aimed at the integration of geophysical and geological aspects. The seismic reflection technique is used to provide the basic structural control of the subsurface geology integrated with available exploration wells to control the interpretation. The resulted structure gives us an expecting to the new future drilling wells where it should be between the two WNW-ESE major strike-slip faults in the south, and on the right side (up throw) of the N-S minor faults which found in the north of the Nafoora oil field.

Key words

Nafoora, Oil Field, Geological Structure, Sirte Basin, Libya.