Subsurface Structural Modeling in Assumoud and Sahl Gas Fields, Sirte Basin, Libya

M.A.El Amowy1, M.M.Afife1, A.E.Kowefi2, A.A.Alaqeeli3 and A.S.Abuhalimah3"


The area of study Assumoud and Sahl fields are situated in the southeastern Sirte Basin within Wadayat trough. Using seismic imaging and interpretation of the basin structures, as well as the interpretation and analysis of other geological and geophysical data, and modeling over the areas of interest, the study aims to delineate the major and minor subsurface structures that dominated the area. A structure maps were created for top Mulallah, top Etel and top Sheghega and construct a structural model for the area of study then many cross-sections were taken to the area model. The analysis of these maps show that the area uplifted in the late Cretaceous.

Key words

Subsurface Structural Modeling, Sahl Gas Fields