Anti-inflammatory Effect of Curcumin and Licorice Against LPS-induced Inflammation

K.M.Fararh1, O.A.Abdallah2 and N.N.Soliman1"


Many studies indicated that (Lipopolysaccharide) LPS-induced inflammation in male rats. Eighty rats were assigned into 4 groups, the first group contained 20 rats and kept as control group. The second group includes 20 rats injected with LPS. The third group administrated curcumin after LPS injection. The fourth group administra0ted licorice after LPS injection. Blood samples were collected after 3, 24, 48 hours and 1 week. The obtained results revealed significant increase in CRP, Haptoglobin, (Interleukin-6) IL-6, (Tumor necrosis factor) TNF-α, α1-globulin, α2- globulin, γ-globulin and (Nuclear factor- kappa beta) NF-KB immunostaining but showed significant decrease in total protein and albumin in LPS-group when compared with control group. In contrast, administration of curcumin and licorice improve these parameters. From the obtained results, it could be concluded that curcumin and licorice have anti-inflammatory effect against LPS-induced inflammation.

Key words

Anti-inflammatory, Curcumin, Licorice, LPS, Rats.