Role of Doppler ultrasound and Creatine Kinase as a Biochemical Marker in Diagnosis of Placenta Accreta

M.R.Fayed, A.W.Mourad, M.A.Mahmoud and A.A.Mohamed"


Placenta accreta is a life-threatening obstetric condition requiring cesarean hysterectomy for management. Placenta accreta was diagnosed by gray-scale ultrasonography, color Doppler imaging, and magnetic resonance imaging. Creatine kinase (CK) is an enzyme expressed by various tissues and cell types. This study compared between creatine kinase as biological marker and ultrasound and Doppler findings for prenatal detection of morbid placentation in anterior placenta on scar of previous cesarean section. The current study is a prospective cohort observational study, Led In Benha educating support doctor's facility on 50 pregnant ladies Hosting placenta accreta coating scar about past uterine surgery. Every one incorporated ladies were conveyed Eventually Tom's perusing caesarian segments for intend gestational agdistis during conveyance might have been 34. 5 ± 2 weeks. Done ladies with low parity, youthful age, or the individuals who wanted to preserve their fertility, preservationist methodology might have been trailed. Cs hysterectomy might have been performed over 28 (90. 32%) ladies. There might have been a noteworthy Acquaintanceship between 2D-GS ultrasonography discoveries Also troublesome placental separation, need for included intraoperative steps, necessity to cs hysterectomy What's more bladder damage with affectability 90% and specificity 60%. CK distinguished 10 patients crazy about 31 with placenta accreta Also 18 patients crazy about 19 without placental invasion, its affectability 30% and specificity. Joining 2DGS with CK test demonstrated huge change to auc worth about CK. 2D grayscale U/S required a great screening ability for those prediction of sequele from claiming dismal placentation in ladies for placenta previa. CK it is questionable test alone for antenatal finding from claiming morbidly follower placenta.

Key words

placenta, placenta accreta, Doppler ultrasound, Creatine kinase