Classic Snodgrass Versus Inner Preputial Inlay Grafted Snodgrass in Distal Penile Hypospadias Repair

A.M.El Shazly, H.W.Sherif, S.A.Mohammed and R.G.Omar"


Assessment of the outcome of G-TIP technique in primary distal hypospadias repair in comparison to TIP repair using HOSE score This study had been performed between June 2018 and June 2019 which included 50 patients all presented to urological outpatient clinic of Benha university hospital -Egypt- with different types of primary distal hypospadias. They were divided into two groups (Group A operated upon using classic Snodgrass TIP urethroplasty and Group B operated upon using G-TIP urethroplasty technique), each group included 25 patients. Circumcised cases or cases with penile chordea more than 30 degree were excluded from the study. Urethral catheter might have been exited set up for particular case week on 10 times. Catch up might have been consistently during 1st, 3rd Also 6th months (3 patients didn't go to the 6th month catch up 2 from one assembly An tip Also particular case starting with the G-TIP assembly B). Mean hose score a t 6th month might have been 15. 7 out about 16 Previously, tip and 15. 5 Previously, G-TIP (P 0. 52 (NS)). In the tip aggregation those score might have been because of difficulties which incorporated an instance for urethrocutaneous fistula and an instance about meatal stenosis with urethrocutaneous fistula same time in the G-tip an instance from claiming glans dehiscence What's more an instance about gentle remaining chordea. Constantly on effects demonstrated no noteworthy measurable distinction between the two bunches but more agent chance 91. 4±6. 2 minutes in the G-TIP assembly contrasted with main 85. 2±6. 3 to tip gathering (P 0. 002 (S)), those time used for harvesting, get ready Also inlaying those graft. We finished up that G-TIP urethroplasty is a great elective procedure of the excellent tip repair shed for tantamount comes about Furthermore Despite there were no noteworthy measurable distinction the middle of those 2 gatherings in regards complications, G-TIP gatherings demonstrated preferred outcomes Concerning illustration view meatal stenosis Also urethrocutaneous fistula yet all the for longer agent run through.

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Classic Snodgrass Versus