Synthesis and Corrosion Inhibition Application of some New Schiff Bases Based on 1,3-diaminopropane

M.E.Moustafa, A.I.Ali, A.Y.El-Etre and H.A.Ibrahim"


Synthesis and characterization of a new Schiff base ligand expected to have ligating and corrosion inhibition properties are performed. The organic ligand was synthesized from the condensation of p - Chlorobenzaldehyde and 1,3-diaminopropane in ethanol [2:1 molar ratio respectively} and its chemical structure was investigated by different physical and spectroscopic techniques [elemental analysis, FTIR, electronic absorption spectra and 1H NMR spectra]. A group of measurements involving DMOL3 program in materials studio package which is shaped for the recognized of wide scale Density Function Theory [DFT] were applied. The molecular modeling and total density using DFT method for the compound were determined and given. The newly prepared Schiff base was tested as acorrosion inhibitor for carbon steel in HCl solution.

Key words

1,3-diaminopropane Schiff base, Spectral analysis, Molecular modeling, Corrosion inhibitor.