The Epithelial Cytokeratins 15 and 19 Gene Expression in Non-Segmental Vitiligo Patients under NB-UVB Phototherapy

A.I.El-taweel1, N.E.Sorour1, N.F.Elhussieni2, H.E.Elaal"


Cytokeratins15 and 19 were first suggested as a specific stem cell marker, demonstrated their restricted expression in the bulge region of murine and human hair follicles. It was proved that they are valuable tools to monitor tissue homeostasis and the potential to self-renew.The aim of this work was to investigate the expression of CK15 and CK19 as possible stem cell markers in the skin of vitiligo patients during NB-UVB phototherapy repigmentation. The current study was a case-control study that was conducted on 40 participants. Fifty of them were patients with vitiligo, and they were located in group 1. Group 2 contained 20 age and sex matched healthy control participants. Approval of the Local Ethics Committee on Research involving human subjects of Benha Faculty of Medicine and written informed consents of participants were obtained before samples collection. Quantitative assessment of cytokeratins 15& 19 gene expression in all biopsies by Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction. the level of cytokeratins were found to be higher in the patients after they received NB-UVB than control and it was found a significant relation with the improvement of the disease.Cytokeratin 15&19 are valuable tools to monitor vitiligo improvement

Key words

Vitiligo, Cytokeratins, Stem Cells.