Effect of Mode of Delivery on Sexuality of Female and Her Partner

N.A.Said, SH.H.Ahmed, A.A.El-wahab"


Exploring the hypothesis that "sexual function" is related to mode of delivery is necessary as sexual health is considered as an integral part of general health. The over risks and benefits of vaginal versus cesarean delivery should be a subject of continued debate, involving a broad range of physical and psychological factors. The aim of this study was to quantify the effect of mode of delivery on sexual function of the women 6 months to 1 year postpartum in a sample of Egyptian women. This was a cross section study conducted on 400 participants, 200 who had normal vaginal delivery [NVD] and 200 who had caesarian section [CS]. Participants were enrolled from the primary health centers and units in Qalubia government, participant were asked to fill a self-reported questionnaire of female sexual function index [FSFI].the results showed that all sexual domains and total FSFI were significantly decreased in normal vaginal group [NVD] group compared to caesarian section[CS] group .In conclusion, significant decrease in the FSFI score in NVD group more than CS group, this need more and more studies to strength this result.

Key words

Mode of delivery, Normal vaginal delivery, Caesarian section, FSFI.