Study of The Relation Between Plasma Pentraxin-3 Level and Diabetic Nephropathy in Type 2 Diabetic Patients

A.M.El-Badawy, A.E.Ali, M.S.El-sayed , N.M.Mohamed and R.o.Abd El-Moneem"


The aims of this study are to evaluate the changes in pentraxin-3 level in different stages of diabetic nephropathy & its relation to eGFR and albuminuria and to shed light on whether pentraxin-3 level can be considered as novel marker for early detection of diabetic nephropathy. This study was performed on 80 diabetic patients who attended endocrinology department at banha university hospital. Those diabetic patients were age and sex matched with healthy volunteers serving as control group .They were classified into 2 groups : Group 1 included 35 patients with diabetic nephropathy. Group 2 included 30 patients without nephropathy. control subjects were 15 included in Group 3 . PTX-3 level was highly significant in patients with diabetic nephropathy group compared to diabetic patients without nephropathy & control With p value <0.001. PTX-3 is significantly high in patients with albuminuria with p value <0.05 with a significant positive correlation between PTX-3 and albumin ceratinine ratio [ACR] in diabetic nephropathy group [ pvalue= <.05 r= .374. Pentraxin-3 level can be considered as a novel marker of diabetic nephropathy. As pentraxin-3 is associated with diabetic nephropathy with p value <.001 . with positive association with proteinuria [pvalue = <.05 , r = .374] &\ or eGFR . [pvalue = <.001, r = -.977].

Key words

Pentraxin-3, Diabetic nephropathy, Type 2 Diabetes.