Sleeve Gastrectomy Versus Mini-gastric Bypass in Type 2 Diabetes

M.A.Mansour, R.S.Salama, M.A.Elbegawy and M.E.Ahmed"


Obesity is a major health burden worldwide.A variety of surgical procedures are available, and currently, it is difficult to identify the most effective option based on patient characteristics and comorbidities. This study aimed to compare the results of sleeve gastrectomy and mini-gastric bypass on type 2 diabetic morbid obese patient. Sixty morbidly obese patients thirty for sleeve gastrectomy and thirty for minigastric bypasse.g., BMI >40 kg/m2 or >35 kg/m2 with associated comorbidity with failed diet for more than two years will be included in this study for12months. mean operative time of group A [sleeve gastrectomy] was 110 minute while the mean operative time of group B [minigastric bypass] was 119 minutes. The difference between operative time in both groups was statistically significant.there was statistically significant decrease in BMI at 12 months among Mini-gastric Bypass group than Sleeve Gastrectomy group. there was statistically significant decrease in HbA1c 12 months and Total HbA1c change among Group B than Group A. In present study, there was no statistically significant difference between Group A and Group B regarding complications except statistically significant decrease in Dumping and Symptomatic cholelithiasis [conserve] among Group A than Group B. Sleeve gastrectomy has shorter operative time than mini-gastric bypass. both procedures have near same effect on loss of weight and resolving or better control on co-morbidities as DM.There was no statistically significant difference between Sleeve gastrectomy and mini-gastric bypass group regarding complications.

Key words

Sleeve Gastrectomy, Mini-gastric Bypass, Type 2 Diabetes mellitus.