Different Treatment Modalities in Treatment of Hypertrophic Scar (Comparative study)

Sh.H.Abdel-Rahman, A.M.Hamed, M.S.Darwish"


Hypertrophic scars are dermal fibroproliferative disorders that typically develop after a skin injury heals. They can cause physical, psychological, and cosmetic problems. The management of such scars remains a matter of debate due to lack of effective treatment methods and the inability to prevent recurrences. The aim of this work is to assess the effectiveness of efficacy and safety of ND-YAG laser alone or in combination with intralesional injection of steroid. This prospective clinical study included twenty patients with hypertrophic scars divided equally in to two groups. All patients received Nd:Yag laser session once a month for three months with a follow-up period of six months. The second group recieved intralesional injection of steroid after each laser session. Therapeutic satisfaction of the patient and physician were recorded. Lesions were assessed for erythema, pigmentation, height and pliability using Vancouver Scar Scale as well as itching and pain.

Key words

Hypertrophic scars, ND-YAG laser, Intralesional steroid.