Diffusion Kurtosis Imaging of Acute Infarction in Comparison with Routine Diffusion

M.M.Refaat, A.E.Shaalan, M.A.Attia"


Stroke is a major global health problem with an estimated incidence rate of around 15 million new cases each year worldwide. It could be classified into ischemic and hemorrhagic that account for approximately 85% and 15% of all cases, respectively.The aim of the work is to perform a systematic review of the literature regardingdiffusion kurtosis Imaging and routine diffusion in ofAcute infarction. We will shed the light on the results of using both imaging techniques, and showing advantages, disadvantages of each technique. Endovascular therapy is highly beneficial compared with tissue plasminogen activator alone, particularly at extended time of stroke onset. It has been shown that prospective classification according to infarction core volume by using diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance (MR) imaging and clinical criteria is associated with a higher likelihood of favorablethrombectomy outcome.

Key words

Acute Infarction, Routine Diffusion, Stroke