Prevelance of Female Ejaculation in A Group of Egyptian Women

I.Younis1 ,R.M.Salem2, R.M.Ramadan3"


Female genital secretions during sexual intercourse have been a matter of controversy for centuries.Ancient Chinese, Indian and Greek books contain phrases that strongly point to the occurrence of female ejaculation. Assess the prevalence of female ejaculation in a group of Egyptian women.Thetoolofthestudywasaself-reportquestionnairewhichwas designed by investigators. Theaimofthestudyandthedetailsofthequestionnairewereexplainedtothe womenbefore takingtheir informedconsent. The study was approved by the Ethics Committee of Human Research, Faculty of Medicine, Benha University.The number of women that participated and answered questionnaire in this study was 338.Among them,7.1 % onlyreported experiencing ejaculation when reaching orgasm. Female ejaculation is still a matter of debate which needs further studies.

Key words

Ejaculation, squirting, Female genital cutting, Debate and women.