Ultrasound Guided Biopsy in Suspicious Nonpalpable Breast Masses with Histopathological Correlation

E.M.M.Fouad1 , H.E.El - Sheikh1, Sh.Z.Abdel Aziz1, M.E.Abd-Ellatief2"


To evaluate the accuracy of ultra sound guided tru –cut biopsy in non palbable suspicious breast lesions and correlate with pathological results. Tru-cut biopsy may be a exact elective will fine needle desire cytology (FNAC) in the finding for breast lesions for a helter skelter symptomatic exactness Similarly as it supplies sufficient tissue to pathologists to create a right histological appraisal. Currently it is those main favored methodology for the finding about breast lesions former should operation rendering should its low cost, secondary accuracy, negligible complications, safe and short duration of the time system. Additionally it might save a considerable measure about liabilities Also unnecessary surgical methods likewise lessens the affinity of muddled surgical methods Also minimizes tolerant anxiety with considerate lesions. Done patients for threatening lesions, What's more should Hosting symptomatic significance, TCB additionally gives sufficient tissue for the assessment from claiming atomic markers which need amazing restorative esteem. This prospective, controlled ponder selected 40 female patients with non-palpable breast massenet undergone ultimo heartless guided biopsy (USGB) What's more excisional breast biopsy. Post-operative obsessive examination of the example required been directed to guarantee precision for tru-cut biopsy. Special case patient of the instances required false negative outcome about tru-cut biopsy in examination for post-operative excisional biopsy.Ultimo heartless guided biopsy (USGB) may be vital done finding suspicious non palbable breast massenet that guarantee secondary precision outcomes.

Key words

Ultra sound guided biopsy (USGB), Fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC).