Prevalence of Skin Diseases Among Schoolchildren in Qualiobya Governorate

A.El-Taweel, A.I.Mustafaand A.ElSheikh"


Pediatric dermatology may be a paramount limb of dermatology that bargains for those diagnosis, treatment, What's more counteractive action of skin maladies happening in infancy, childhood, and youth. Skin maladies are basic in children, those frequency continuously 9–37% everywhere the universe. The aim of the present study was to assess prevalence of skin diseases among school children in Qualiobya Governorate. This investigation might have been led as An cross sectional healing center built contemplate. This contemplate that might have been led for pediatric patients suffice from different pediatric dermatoses. Patients were recurrited starting with the individuals going to the outpatient facility about dermatology What's more Andrology division from claiming Benha school healing centers Throughout the period from January 2018 with January 2019statistically non-significant difference between patients and control groups regarding socio-demographic characters. Most of our studied subjects were males [53.3%].Main bulk of studied patients were in school age group [51.7%]. while the lowest number of studied patients were in infantile group [5%]. 25 [OH] Vit d lack might have been connected with pediatric dermatoses Also seriousness of diseases and indicated advertisement Similarly as the mossycup oak usually predominant took after Eventually Tom's perusing vitiligoand Along these lines we camwood Think as of that low serum level of 25 [OH] Vit d will be prognostic marker to a portion pediatric dermatosesin the examined assembly for egyptian patients.

Key words

Skin Diseases, Schoolchildren.