Expression Pattern of Hyaluronan Synthase2 in Inflammatory Breast Cancer Cells

N. M. N. Mohamed1, M. S. Zaghloul1, O. I. Ghonemy1, M. El-Shinawi2 and S. A.Ibrahim3"


Breast cancer (BC) Is the most widely recognized threatening malignant disease around the whole world. It Is the second most incessant reason for malignant tumor growth related to death among woman at different ages. Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) Is the most lethal form of BC with low survival rate. Because of lacking molecular markers, identification of new unique markers for IBC Is warranted. Hyaluronic acid synthases (HASs), particularly HAS2, have shown a critical role in the metastasis of non-inflammatory breast cancer (non-IBC). In this study, we assessed HAS2 mRNA expression by qPCR in the human triple negative non-IBC MDA-MB-231 and IBC SUM-149 cell lines. Our data demonstrated that HAS2 mRNA expression was significantly upregulated in IBC vs. non-IBC breast cancer cell lines. In conclusion, the high expression of HAS2 may represents a marker for IBC and could have a role in IBC pathogenesis.

Key words

HAS2, Breast cancer, Inflammatory breast cancer.