Shark Liver Oil Protects the Chromosome and Sperm of Mice against the Cytotoxicity of Taxotere

M.Zowail, M. M.Refaat, M.H.Awwad, E.Khater, and E.H.O.Nafie"


The natural ether-lipids 1-O-alkylglycerols from shark liver oil (SLO) supposed to improve sperm motility and fertility. Also, they reduce the side effects of radiotherapy, inhibit tumor growth and both stimulate and modulate immune responses. This study aimed to show the protective effect of SLO against the side effects of Taxotere on mice chromosomes and sperms. Thirty adult male mice weight (23-27gm) were used in this study. The animals were housed in plastic cages at the same temperature and humidity conditions. They were divided into 6 groups each one contains 5 male mice that were used for studying chromosomal abnormalities and sperm head and tail morphology by using classical cytogenetic methods. The administered doses of Taxotere were 8 mg/kg. Mice injected SLO at a dose of (10 mg/kg/day). Results showed that Taxotere caused structural and numerical chromosomal aberration including deletion, centromeric attenuation, ring, monoploidy, and polyploid. It also caused sperm head and tail abnormalities such as without hook, amorphous, hummer head and sperm with a coiled tail. Our results proved the efficiency of SLO to protect mice chromosomes and sperms against the cytotoxic effect of Taxotere.

Key words

Shark liver oil, Taxotere, Chromosomal aberrations, Sperm abnormalities.