Second to Fourth Digit Ratio in Patients with Hirsutism and Its Correlation with Hormonal Assay

A.A.Eltaweel1, A.M.Hamed2, E.M.El-Sebaey3 and D.M.Noor4"


Hirsutism will be a basic clinical state seen On female patients of constantly on ages. It influences around 5-10% of the ladies. The cause may be mostly hyperandrogenism, which might be ovarian or adrenal. It might be and only an uncommon metabolic syndrome, medication induced, alternately barely idiopathic infection.The point about this fill in may be with assess those seconds should fourth digit length proportion over patients with hirsutism and its correspondence with hormonal profile. This examine included 50 female patients torment from hirsutism as stated by altered Ferriman Furthermore Gallwey score, done addition, 30 Obviously solid people from claiming matched age. The results of the present study showed that patients had statistically significant higher levels than controls in Prolactin [P=0.000] and DHEA-S [P=0.005] with no statistically significant difference in other hormones and there was no significant correlation between second to fourth digit ratio and all the laboratory investigations in both hands. the study concluded that the assessment of hirsutism is a multifactorial and that 2D:4D ratio is very promising tool in the diagnosis of hirsutism and the assessment of its severity.

Key words

Hirsutism, 2D, 4D, Hormonal, Cross-Sectional.