Evaluation of Platelet Rich Plasma in the Management of Psoriasis

S.H.Abd-El Rahman1, R.M.Salem2 and A.H.Ahmed3"


Psoriasis is a chronic immune-mediated disease affecting approximately 2–3% of general population. It is associated with significant negative impact on patient’s physical and psychological quality of life along with vulnerability to co-morbidities such as cardiometabolic dysfunction, depression, and so on [1]. to evaluate the efficiency of platelet rich plasma (PRP) in the management of patients with chronic localized recalcitrant plaque psoriasis.This was a prospective pilot study conducted on 30 cases with chronic localized recalcitrant psoriasis attended Dermatology, Venereology and Andrology outpatient clinics, Benha University Hospitalis. This study was approved by Dermatology, Venereology and Andrology Department and Ethics Commitee in the Faculty of Medicine, Benha University. The study details were discussed with all patients and informed consents were obtained from them before the begining of the study.PASI score had significantly decreased in group I after 8 and 16 weeks of treatment when compared to the baseline (p =0.001). There was also significant decrease in PASI score between week 8, 16 (p =0.0018). PASI score showed no significant difference in group II neither at week 8 nor 16 compared to baseline (p =0.894).

Key words

Platelet Rich Plasma, Psoriasis.