Effect of Body Hair Removal on Female Sexual Function

I.Younis1, M.A.Ibrahim 2 and A.AAbd Alrahman3"


Body hair is a sign of sexual maturity for both women and men, but in women femininity is actually associated with a lack of body hair. women in ancient Egypt and classical Greece may have removed some or all of their body hair and grooming pubic hair may have been considered a feature of women‟s sexual attractiveness. woman with body hair was seen as less sexually attractive, sociable and intelligent, and more masculine, than the same woman without body hair. Evaluate the impact of removal of body hair on various aspects of female sexuality. a self-report questionnaire designed by the authors guided by the female sexual function index (Rosen et al, 2000). The aim of the study and the details of the questionnaire were explained to the women before taking their informed consent. Participants were 222 women recruited from those attending the Dermatology and Andrology outpatient clinics at El-menshawy General Hospital, Tanta. Increase all sexual function after body hair removal. The present study findings indicate that sexual functions as desire, lubrication, orgasm improve after body hair removal in women .Several factors affect female sexual function after hair removal as circumcision, education, occupational status and site of hair removal.

Key words

Female sexual function, Hair removal, Methods of hair removal.