`Removal of Some Heavy Metals from Electrical Power Plant Effluents Discharged into Aquatic Ecosystem Using Low Cost Adsorbents

M.I.Alya*, H. M. H. Gada, M.H. Abdob, M.H.M. Radwanc&M. Mahmoudc aHot Laboratories and Waste Management Center, Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority, P. O. Box 13759, Inshas, Cairo, Egypt. bNational Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries cChemistry D"


The preparation of nano-pore size activated carbon from different biomass (rice husk: RH and sawdust: SD) was investigated as a suitable adsorbent for the removal of some heavy metal ions such as Pb (II), Zn (II), Fe (II), Cd (II) and Cu (II) from Surface water stream through batch adsorption process. The prepared activated carbon (AC) was characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) and surface area analyzer. The effects of initial metal concentration, contact time, pH and adsorbent dose on the sorption of metal ions were studied. It was found that the sorption capacities of the AC decreased in the order: Pb (II), Zn (II), Fe (II), Cd (II) and Cu (II).

Key words

Aquatic ecosystem; Removal; Heavy metal ions; Wastewater; Low Cost Adsorbents.